Children's Feedback
Till now I was afraid of science. After the lecture given by Mr. Srinivas it became very easy to me. This class is very useful for every children. Till now I by-hearted the questions which I cannot understand At that time I will get and again after few days I will forget it.

Today I got solution for the above ones after listening the lecture of Mr. Srinivas. He also explains that how to study everything by company with relative things.

He asked a Question that why we have to study? My opinion is that if We study we can live on our own legs without any ones help in the future .
10th Class
Sree Sree, Eluru

In a stage when I was in a deleing What to choose as my profession or which our to take in future, I felt that this career guidance class really helped me by making me realize that every subject has its own prominence and we can come up with flying colors in any filed if we really work hard. Mr. Y.Srinivas Sir, in a friendly manner, made us answer innovatively for his simple questions, which we experience in every day life and this brought out innovative thinking lying within us. The simple illustrations which he exemplified were the things that attracted me a lot in the class The great persons, and their words are really inspiring,

Finally, I think this is a class which is worthy to be attended and those who missed the class are really unlucky .
S.Sai Sevita
10th Class
Lotuslap, Hyderabad

In the morning class I thought that we must pay concentration on the work which we are doing. Read the question without by hearting and understand the question time. You will remember it for along time We want to question our self’s then we got more knowledge We should be ambitious hour life we should make our own goal for reaching our goal we must work hard form reaching. We must be applicative in our life because We are in the world competition We must again knowledge and teach that knowledge to another people Finally, knowledge is divine therefore we should understand the content on which purpose we are reading
10th Class
Mahaveer, Rajahmundry

It is Our Precious opportunity to get a Guidance from you . Still now I never thought about my doubts I always used to by heart the subject but don’t even think about understanding the subject .But very inspired by your programmer. Ie; session given by you the one thing I don’t live is you said that some topics we will see later but you didn’t discuss about it. May be it b due to No sufficient time. But I learnt a lot by your session. The main line I inspired is “ See through your mind but not by your eyes”. I need some matter about “ study Index” The whole thing I heard in the Class is it is just like a physics class. I am not blanking but I am just giving my aspect about your session. From today from that second I am following “ blame our self but not others form whatever reason we were in”. Also in your speech you suggested me to how to reach my goal.
10th Class
Sri Talent, Chinnaigudem
"Your class is very interesting you have changed my thoughts and views in good member you have given a good massage to every Children."
10th Class, MGM School, Hyderabad
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"I think if I will attempt all the points if which you have explained I will be the state Rank this you. I have very very much inspired if the screens which you have showed"
10th Class, MGYV, Bhimavaram
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"Your class was really effective, I am really thankful to you as I learnt many facts you provided us the things that we are locking at present"
M. Manisha
10th Class, Roots, Tanuku
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