My God Father

Having studied science with hands on demonstrative approaches made me an ardent follower of Sri AH Devadas. I humbly pay my tributes to Sri AH Devadas and accept him as my guide and philosopher in the field of science education. To quote an example, I would have learnt about 3-phase AC circuits, a complex subject matter, as part of my engineering degree program, quite late in the curriculum; I assimilated these concepts much earlier, however, thanks to the awe-inspiring demonstrations of Sri AH Devadas on the subject.
Many intellectuals are to be found in our great country with multi-dimensional skills. Nevertheless, disseminating knowledge from complex scientific domains, not only with approaches more practical but also simplified for a multi-generational audience and delivered with a palpable passion that inspires all, is really a unique set of attributes - one that Sri AH Devadas had. Unlike other subjects, science and its postulations are explicitly experimental. The veracity of scientific principles is established through repeatable experiments.
A teacher who is attempting to teach
without inspiring the pupil
with a desire to learn is hammering on cold iron
-Horace Mann

The mediocre teacher tells!
The good teacher explains!!
The superior teacher demonstrates!!!
The great teacher inspires!!!!
The true spirit of the above quotes was to be found in plenty in Sri AH Devadas, who I’m privileged to call my Godfather!

I feel very fortunate to have been associated with him to help make some sub-components of his gadgets for his popular science demonstrations. During one of my visits to his home in Begumpet, Hyderabad, I once asked him “Sir, what exactly do you do?” He gave me few pages of script with details of his gadgets and demonstrations. Unfortunately I couldn't fully understand his greatness through those papers alone, due to my lack of knowledge at that time in how to go about motivating school children in science. However, I preserved the documents securely.

Shortly afterwards, I moved to Detroit, USA on a technical assignment for a year. And after my return to India, I came to know that my Godfather is no more! It was a great shock for me and I could not console myself for quite some time having realized what was lost during the time I was gone. The one thing I always pray to God for the sake of science education in India, is to find someone like Sri Devadas again; someone who has the same innate love for teaching science, coupled with his exemplary skill and demonstrative prowess. I’m aware, though, that the chances of finding a capable replacement for such a personality, are remote.

Sri Devadas had also dreamed of a successor to take up the baton for inspiring future builders of India by putting forward some proposals through IAPT (Indian Association of Physics Teachers). To the end, he remained ever so simple, undertaking tours all over India and several places abroad, with minimum expectations for himself – a truly selfless and most noble enterprise.

If I can, in my humble way, travel on the path laid by Sri Devadas and do something for the students per my Godfather’s expectations, I would really feel blessed forever! I want to prove myself as an “Ekalavya Sishya” to Sri AH Devadas, with your blessings and co-operation.

Below is just a small sampling of hundreds of thousands of glowing testimonials that Sri Devadas received, in the course of his long stint in science education through participatory demonstrations:

"An excellent program for popularizing science to all age groups. A must for teacher's education.”
Mr. AV Govinda Rao, Principal, Institute of Education, Mysore. (07.11.93)

"Even an eighth class student who starts learning Electricity and Magnetism could understand and enjoy the Electro Magnetic Induction Experiments."
Mr. Valsa Paul, Science Teacher, K.V. Ernakulam, Kerala. (11.11.93)

I.E.E.E India Council ACE-93 Convention, Hyderabad
"This good-show is not only educational, but also entertaining and captures the young imagination. I do not know many people who have achieved so much with so little resources from outside agencies. His enthusiasm and dedication is truly impressive and gratifying. I wish him well and am very lucky to have associated with him"
Prof. KD Srivastava, University of British Columbia, Canada. (25.11.93)

"A fascinating demonstration. Deserves to be telecast and presented all over the country."
Prof. PV Indiresan, Former Director, I.I.T., Madras. (25.11.93)

At the VIII Convention of I.A.P.T., Vijayawada (A.P.)
"By far, the most exciting and educative show I have seen in all my life."
Prof. DP Khandelwal, President, Indian Association of Physics Teachers. (11.12.93)

At the Raman Auditorium, University of Poona, Pune
"A wonderful presentation, we have invited Mr Devadas to make Educational Television Program. The experiments and presentation is physics-wise correct and yet entertaining, we are grateful for the presentation".
Arun S Nigavekar, Director, E.M.R.C., Pune. (23.03.94)

"After watching the mind blowing yet very simple experiments, I only have one, regret, why can’t we have a teacher like you sir, to teach us physics."
Ms Poornima, Student, Class XII, Delhi Public school, New Delhi. (09.04.94)

"I never knew science could be such fun. If I had a teacher like him I would probably not end up as a language teacher.”

Mrs. Pramila Roy, Teacher, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, New Delhi. (18.04.94)

"we have really rediscovered Faraday this Evening"
N.K.Patil, Associate Prof Elect Eng, J.N.University, Jodhpur, Rajasthan. (18.04.94)

"My love with Electricity has increased".
Ashish R. Goswamy, M.S University, Vadodra, Gujarat. (15.09.94)

"I wish every district in India had a Devadas. Study of science would then be indeed a fascinating experience and infinitely more people would turn to science".
Mr. GS Randhawa, Vice Chancellor, Gurunanak Dev University, Amritsar. (20.12.94)

"I am excited to see the program and hopefully waiting to give this excitement to my students at our Kharagpur College, where his show will be held on 01.03.95"
Midnapur College, Midnapur, West Bengal. (27.02.95)

"Till now I was not interested in physics, and thought it to be boring. But I premise that from today I will not at all neglect physics."
Deepa K Harpalani, Student, S.F.S.College, Nagpur, Maharashtra. (09.12 .95)

"The way the demonstration experiments have been designed, speaks highly of his imagination and ability to communicate."
Prof. K. Dasgupta, Dept. of Physics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. (26.04.95)

More about my GODFATHER
"Your class is very interesting you have changed my thoughts and views in good member you have given a good massage to every Children."
10th Class, MGM School, Hyderabad
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"I think if I will attempt all the points if which you have explained I will be the state Rank this you. I have very very much inspired if the screens which you have showed"
10th Class, MGYV, Bhimavaram
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"Your class was really effective, I am really thankful to you as I learnt many facts you provided us the things that we are locking at present"
M. Manisha
10th Class, Roots, Tanuku
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