Dear Lovely Children, Blessings to all !

I know very much about your enthusiasm in building your own electronics based science projects. I had always observed, lot of school students playing with 9 V batteries, LEDs, small DC motors and switches along with connecting wires in various dwellings of Indian villages, towns and urban areas. And I also found that some student groups are working with few sensors, connecting with arduino / raspberry pi kind of programming boards as well.

Nevertheless, I understood most of them are in need of proper guidance in basics to enable them to fulfil their dream projects; which will help them to raise confidence levels to build their professionalism as future innovator at tender age.

This made me to take a decision to help all such students to be tinkers of the nation. In my childhood, I was faced lot of difficulties in locating, finding and procuring the required components to build projects, in my most passionate electric and electronics fields.

You are most fortunate enough to have everything at your fingertips. It may be kit based or DIY based concepts, internet and most important is online availability of everything at 24x7.

We were lack of all this support like, ease of guidance, ease of components availability; mainly, no one were guided us, like what you are all enjoying today, during our scholastic days in 1970s. Hence, with the reminiscences of all my bad experiences in quest of knowledge gaining ways like, lack answers for thought provoking questions, lack of practical aids and guidance … all what I was suffered. My motto is, today’s generation should not face, what I was denied; hence I am before you, to help and fill the gap, what I was lost !!
The following projects of your interest may be ordered online thru CIRCULTLAB
Water level indicator (3-Stage) Light activated switch (LDR Based) Sound operated switch (Clap Switch) Mini organ (produces - sa re ga ma ... chimes) Metal detector Infrared remote (Generic) LPG Gas leak detector Infrared invisible intruder alarm Strength meter (Based on the resistivity) Power finder (Non Contact Type) Audio pre-amplifier (Coil-Mic based) Audio power amplifier (10 Watts at 12 VDC) Touch Alarm Tilt Alarm Noise meter (LED 10 Stage type)

So, as a responsible citizen of India, with my above unfortunate past struggles, I am committed and glad to make use of online technology to educate and empower children of my nation through "CHILDREN CIRCUIT LAB ONLINE STORES", bringing at your doorstep.

With all my 4 decades of practical experience in the field of electronics and communications, conducting CHILDREN CIRCUIT LAB workshop at various schools since 2014. Now respecting Covid guidelines, I thought of bringing all my interests/hobby/expertise/experiences online, so as to reach children of my nation towards "Skill India @ School India".

The advantage of this kit based learning would make you to be confident that "I can do". As our kits are well designed and checked for safety before they reach you, through online purchase. One more advantage is that, all your requirements are available “Under one roof”, irrespective of any project/any component from the list; means, no need to go around many places to find, individual spares, to build your dream project. Simply, click from the "List of Suggested Projects".

Few projects I am listing here based on
1) Solution for problems,
2) Getting acquainted with electronic components.
Dear students, I suggest you to practice – Soldering, well before you start working with CHILDREN CIRCUIT LAB, electronics based project making. I also suggest you to develop love and interest in making electronic projects; by own a tool kit online with essential gadgets like below all with good quality standards for utmost safety.

01) Soldering iron (25 Watts)
02) Solder wire
03) Lead cutter
04) Wire stripper
05) Screw driver
06) Tweezers
07) Flux box
08) Safety glasses
09) Digital Multi Meter (DMM)
10) Soldering iron stand (Especially for children)
11) Project holder (Especially for Children)
12) Magnifying glass (To check solder points)
13) De-soldering wire
14) Cutting pliers (Medium size)
15) Tool Kit Box (To keep all above tools)
16) Bread board
17) Bread board jumper wire links
18) Glue gun + Glue sticks
19) Connecting wires pack
20) Electricity tester
The following projects of your interest may be ordered online thru CIRCULTLAB
Water level indicator (3-Stage)
Social Concern : Water is our Life Elixir. It is a known fact that only 3% of its availability on our planet Mother Earth is safe for drinking. Apart from drinking, it is a must for all our hydration & hygiene needs. As you might have observed that overhead tanks of houses, schools and offices, spillage of precious water is a common scene. Usually people would switch of those pumping motors, only when they observe the over flow of water from tanks. By that time, lot of water got wasted. Hence, we all should respect the good saying of “A drop you save is a drop you produce” by this gadget.

Solution: To know the water level in an over head water tank (OHT), can greatly helps us to monitor and maintain the water, without wastage by overflow.

The 3 stage water level indicator will help us to know the water level at 3 different levels with colour LEDs in the tank. 1st may be at the bottom (RED- low level), 2nd may be at the middle level (YELLOW – 50% capacity) and the 3rd may be used to indicate (GREEN - full tank) the water level/quantity in an OHT.

Light Activated Switch (LDR Based)
Social Concern: Power Wastage at Street Lights. We all know that street lights are very useful and in some places a must too. Street lights consume lot of electricity as they have to throw a high and focussed light beam at those needy road junctions and places. However, many a times we observe that they are continuously PUT ON mode, even after sun rises in the morning; may be because they might have operated manually. Means.... without utilisation, lot of energy wastage! Most interesting and known fact is that if we save one Watt energy is nothing but producing 1.5 Watts of electricity. Today nearly 70% of our electricity is supplied from thermal power plants and they work on fossil fuels like coal, in turn they are responsible for global warming.

To mitigate the global warming conditions, we must practise first, how to save power? One such atomization technique used to switch OFF the street lights automatically, as soon as the Sun rays fall on the "Light Activated Switch"

Sound Operated Switch (Clap Switch)
Children enjoy, if they can ON / OFF our domestic electrical appliances by clapping. So this way, children can understand all about sound through making this joyful Sound Operated control (Clap Switch). Children form many ideas in mind; but to apply them, need support of hands-on experience, for solutions of day-to-day issues as well as to rise of living standards. This project involves soldering of multiple numbers of electronic components. Hence, It is recommended for grade 7th and above students.

Mini Organ (sa re ga ma pa .. Chimes)
Many children are very creative in composing their own music. Most of the children enjoy playing the electronic piano. Just imagine, by building their own piano and enjoying melodious music; the amount of countless joy and happiness would build lot of confidence in them.

So here is a project “Mini Organ" to produce the sounds of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Da Ne Sa. Let children make this and have a music mate of their own produce.

Metal Detector
You might have observed that various types of local security, police men and security personnel use metal detectors at shopping malls, vital Institutions/Govt.offices, railway stations and airports. Children always like to play a kind of Chor-Police games. This metal detector project allows them to understand how the device detect metals. In choosing this project, children can enjoy charges of metals science principle with this.

Infrared Remote (Generic)
Children are crazy to use remote controls to operate gadgets like TV, video/audio players, toys of daily usage. They just use without any idea behind their functionality and fundamentals.

So here is an attempt through this Infrared (IR) Remote project; children guided to achieve ON/OFF of any of their choice electric / electronic appliances, equipment and toys. In this way, they can understand and catch hold of all about invisible IR rays and their functions.

LPG Gas Leak Detector
In India, 97% of population using Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) for cooking mainly supplied through highly pressurised cylinders. Plug-off chances of any leakage of such highly inflammable fuel due to various reasons is most important; as fully loaded cylinder is an atom bomb in the kitchen! This project designed keeping in view of kitchen safety of our beloved mothers, sisters. LPG Gas Leak Detector alerts with a high frequency piezo alarm. The moment it detects any leakage of LPG; it warns us either not put ON any electric switch or trigger any gas lighter; so as to avoid explosions. This gadget by way of alarm protects valuable human lives and properties.

Infrared Invisible Intruder Alarm
Children enjoy making this " Infrared Invisible Intruder Alarm" as IR rays are invisible and making this pair of IR Transmitter and Receiver(with Alarm). Once this gadget set made, it could be made to hide them behind main entrance door. While you are busy/away from entrance of home, if someone attempts to enter through main door unknown to inmates, they can be alerted through a piezo buzzer.

Strength Meter (Based on the resistivity)
Children exited to know when someone says, a gadget can check their strength. In this project, a 4 staged LED conductivity level indicator works. Though children enjoy playing with their peers but raise a thought how it tests ? Aim of this project is to make them to understand about Conductivity and Resistivity fundamentals of pure physics!

Power Finder (Non-Contact Type)
We all know the regular TESTER (screw driver kind tool with a neon/led bulb inside a transparent body). It is used to check weather the electricity is live on the wire or in the socket/outlets. Usual regular tester, need to be touched the point (0 potential of the earth) to find the presence of electricity.

In this project of Power Finder, is a non-contact type. It detects the presence of the electricity without any physical contact !

Audio Pre-Amplifier (Coil-Mic based)
  • Why our voice can’t be audible beyond few meters?
  • What makes it to stop?
  • Why sound waves can’t reach far off places?
  • Why Telephone was invented?
  • What made telephone to take birth?
  • How Evolution of the Telegraph into the Telephone? What made it possible?
  • How made it happen the historic famous sentence "Mr. Watson-Come here-I want to see you"
  • How sound became Signal?
  • How public address system works?
  • How Telephony and electronic communication work?
  • How long distance communications work?
  • As we all know, the invention of microphone has changed the whole world as a single family of global communication system based telecommunications.
  • Sound waves are converted to electrical signals and started all across the globe through wires and as well as wireless too.
This project Audio Pre - Amplifier would help children to know about their own sounds at mille volt signal level (Basic conversion of sound waves to electric audio frequency (AF) Signals), so that they can connect to any power amplifier at AUX connections.

This way, children could make their own audio public addressing (PA) microphone; which indirectly remove the main psychological stigma stage fear effectively.

Audio Power Amplifier (10 W at 12 VDC)
Children enjoy playing music and favourite songs. Most of the time they are engaged with online classes also; but all these, they are most fascinated and enjoying with earphones. Earphones/Earplug usage may not good for continuous use. Hence I felt, reasonably good power amplifier at 10 Watts may help greatly children to enjoy all their audio needs moderately with sufficient audio level. So let children make their own 10 watts audio amplifier; it enables them to play music and listen to online classes on it, without any pressure on their ears.

Touch Alarm
Children definitely enjoy making burglar alarms, one such is Touch Alarm. All the time, we can’t keep secure steel almirahs, cupboards and drawers and safe vaults. This touch sensitive (virtual police) kind of loud siren can be made and keep them inside of almirahs. They were connected to a secret sensor wire to the handle knob of those steel items. Once its main alarm switch is ON, if any one just touch that handle, it automatically triggers and produce huge police siren kind of audio sound.

Tilt Alarm
This is a small project to make children understand about a sensor and the basic circuit. It helps children greatly, weather the driver of vehicles like cars, buses are properly driving with safe turn angle or at over speeds taking more turn angles instantly during the curves / turns on roads. Let children understand various applications of this tilt sensor based project.

Noise Meter (LED 10Stage type)
Children, do you know noise pollution is one of the major root causes of hearing loss? How do we handle this social problem? In the young stages, hearing loss affects communication, cognition, behaviour, social-emotional development, academic outcome and later vocational opportunities.

Noise is an unwanted sound. ‘Sound which is disagreeable, discordant or which interferes with the reception of wanted sound becomes noise’. ‘Community noise’ is one of the most common pollutants. It is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as noise emitted from all sources except noise at the industrial workplace. Community noise includes the primary sources of road, rail, air traffic, industries, construction, public works and the neighbourhood’.

Normally, sound intensity up to 30 dB is pleasant. Above 80 dB, it becomes annoying. And if it goes beyond 100 dB, it may affect your psychomotor performance, distracting your attention and causing stress. Noise pollution may also affect your hearing ability.

Noise intensity level in households is around 47 dB. But hi-fi music systems and TV sets operated at high volumes add to this sound, posing a health hazard.
Health effects of environmental noise pollution https://www.science.org.au/curious/earth-environment/health-effects-environmental-noise-pollution
Here’s a simple circuit that senses and displays the noise intensity level in your room. It also gives a warning beep when noise crosses the safe level of 30 dB.
With this project, let us measure the noise in our home and make life enjoyable within safe standards.

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