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“Let’s Prove Patriotism as a Solar Soldier”

Er S G Srinivas’s talk TEDxYouth-AmbitusVijayawada

5th March 2023


"E "means Energy, Energy is Everything. But there are serious issues in energy.

Do you know that the global energy needs are nearly catered by 75 -80% with burning by fossil fuels such as gas, oil and coal etc? By burning these, we get energy, and, in the process, they emit Carbon Monoxide (CO) & Carbon Dioxide (CO2). This is in turn causing pollution, global warming, and hence climate change.


We have been already experiencing the effects of the climate change the way seasons have changed with extreme temperatures. Witnessed the hot summer in this month of February 2023 itself forcing you switch ON more the AC units, as the more the AC units are switched on more the electricity consumed and again more the fossil fuels are burned in a cycle ultimately, we are in the loop of raising the more global warming.


As we all know that Mother Earth sustained from million years, and it must sustain for more million years for our generations to live happily. We also know that as of now there is NO planet “B so we have to save planet “A”


Global warming is measured in Degree Centigrade and Scientist have predicted it that when it reaches around 1.5 degree centigrade, then it will be impossible to bring it back. As of now we have already reached some where 1.13 degree centigrade. If the rate of energy consumption continuous the way it is going on now then we might reach 1.5 degree centigrade around 2030 itself. In fact, WMO the World Meteorological Organisation has brought this report, which tells us that there is 20% chance that in next five years, one of the years will be 1.5 degree centigrade warmer in the pre-industrial era.

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So why with such global warming, causing climate change and ending up with record high temperatures, melting snow mountains, raising sea levels, wild forest fires, heatwaves in cold countries, worst weather conditions, heavy down pours, heavy floods, huge issues with human health, agriculture crops and animal losses.


We all know children are the pillars of every nation and as humans have done enough of the damage to the mother planet by burning fossil fuels, I feel it is the need of the hour that we all must take the restoring actions, so as to keep our mother earth sustainable for our future generations to survive and live happily.

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How do we do that?


With my observations and feedback from my students that people must be updated and upgraded with the knowledge and good practices to use energy in a most efficient way.


So I have started thinking like how I can prepare young students as part of solution, not to part of pollutions. Which gave me new ideas to start conducting workshops on Renewable Energies.


As solar and wind are very promising renewable energies, I have developed workshops for students to prepare them as “Solar Soldiers”.


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Today, when energy science and technology brought us an abundance of such affordable solar photo voltaic modules. The sun’s abundant energy is present everywhere in the world. The sun provides free and green energy.

So, we need to update our energy needs and switch over to solar energy.

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Let's Prove Patriotism as Solar Soldiers.

Why crawl with fossils when we can fly with solar?

Solar energy is an affordable, reliable, modular, and sustainable way to power homes, businesses, and schools. Thanks to lower costs and better technology. Fortunately, in India bright sunshine available for around 300 days in a Year.

This is the time of energy storage. A lot of new science is coming up day by day and it has a great future to develop in a most sustainable way too.

As of now Li-Ion is proved to store around 2.5MJ / KG.

People can upload solar energy during daytime and download it during night time from the grid to charge their EVs.



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Let’s Educate our students and train them as "Student Solar Soldiers" through Solar Workshops


A student is a learner, innovator, and creator. What if students in their early age could experience solar energy?


“Student Solar Soldier” workshop is designed to sensitize young minds and give hands on training to make their first solar device, a solar study lamp.


If students, in their early age, learn to make their own solar devices and use them, not only they will likely to be future user of solar energy, but they will also promote the use of solar energy in future and students are likely to become Student Solar Ambassadors. And learn to assemble their own solar study lamps designed to help them in their study needs. At the end of the Workshop, students will take-home a solar study lamp made by themselves.


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Dear Students and Young people Awake  ... time has arrived to save our mother earth from global warming.  Let us join hands together to find solutions to above challenges and put it into practice as a responsible youngster of this great nation.

As a responsible citizen of India, I designed an online workshop for the age of 10 years above students. It contains a clear explanation on different types of elements and energy, solar power system apparatus, working of a mini solar plant, making your own solar study lamp etc. in a crisp and easy method by an attractive power point presentation. An exclusive solar kit has designed for this workshop. It contains parts required for making a solar study lamp, panel, and other things.


Students are requested to become a solar soldier to fight against global warming and to protect our mother earth and realise environmentally friendly pure and green energy as Sustainable source of energy towards “Solar India”.

All are winners if we work together!! To mitigate the climate change for control under 1.5 deg C towards minimize as low as possible for mother earth to sustain for many million more years to come. Don’t forget as of now NO plant B so save planet A.


More can be referred from the following my webpages



Let’s join hands to make it as solar movement.

Join us as it is your turn to act for sustainable planet through using Sustainable sources of energies.



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Let-s Prove Patriotism as a Solar Soldier- Er S G Srinivas TEDxYouth-AmbitusVijayawada 5th March 2023



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