rd India International Science Festival
rd India International Science Festival
"E" means Energy and Energy is everything? However, we know very well that energy is neither created nor destroyed ... is a great phenomenon practically validated. But it can be converted into one form to other form. Mechanical Energy to Electrical Energy ...Vice versa, Heat Energy to Mechanical Energy, Nuclear Energy to Electrical Energy , Tidal Wave Energy to Electrical Energy, Wind Energy to Mechanical.. Electrical, Chemical Energy to heat Energy, Magnetic Energy to Mechanical & Electrical, Solar, Hydro, Thermal, Natural gas conversions to Energy... so many examples are there before us. The greatest invention of wheel in 3500 BC has changed the total scenario of human living and civilisation was paved path for industrialization and transportation. But we are facing challenges in energy generation, transmission and distribution, WITHOUT disturbing our ecosystem and protecting the only one planet, where we are living ... not only human beings but also all together living 8.7 M species. This planet is not only ours ... but also having to share with other living things. The great quote of father of the nation says, "The world has enough for everyone's needs, but not everyone's greed"; so we have to have, a farther insight to protect our environment from green house gases and global warming. During recent lock down period, scientific studies revealed that Ozone layer has almost recovered; rivers have rejuvenated from pollution ... Unfortunately all these troubles are because of human activities with greed. If we deplete all fossil fuels, mineral deposits, what happens to the core of the earth? What we are going to gift our coming generations? ... a dying globe !
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A) The views of one of the experts on solar energy (Prof. Solanki-IITMumbai) says...
  • 75% global energy needs are met by burning fossil fuels! This in turn is causing pollution, global warming and environmental changes, because of Carbon Monoxide (CO) & Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions.
  • We are witnessing devastating effects of coal & crude to produce energy; lead to climate change. This in turn gripping life on the earth. Climate change due to fossil energy usage raised atmospheric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) concentration from 280 to 410 ppm (Ref: CO2.earth, 2018)
  • The earth is started get ruined due to climate change and it is our responsibility to keep mother earth the way we found it. We are living on this planet and puncturing it. Also can compare like, piercing our own eyes or synonymous to chopping the branch, where we standing … as if we had another planet to go and live! You …the younger generation will be affected more seriously from all above. But this is our beautiful and lively planet; deep oceans, fast lands are our unique nature, abundant biodiversity and our lives are our future. We are at crossroads, facing unprecedented challenges.
  • The over- exploitation of fossil fuels has made the world already hotter by nearly 1°C.
  • The 2018 IPCC report - 2 finds that - “Limiting global warming to 1.5°C" would require “Rapid and far-reaching” transitions in energy and there is need to adopt 100% Renewable Energy as early as 2050 in the purview of the climate. When we look at the climate change data that is coming up and the kind of events that are happening on the planet, I feel that lot more is required to be done. There is urgent and immediate need to mitigate climate change. In the climate science, 1.5 °C is very crucial, threshold number. We need to keep the global warming well below 1.5 °C.
  • And we use to think, there is 10, 15, 20 years left for us to take the corrective actions? And according to this website, we have only 7 years left. In fact this month, WMO the World Meteorological Organisation has brought this report, which tells us that there is 20% chance that in next five years, one of the year will be 1.5 °C warmer in the pre-industrial era. Do we need all these reports? Do we need a scientist to tell us, that there is global warming?
  • Look at what kind of events have taken place last year
    1) The Venice was under the water.
    2) The Australian forest was under the Fire.
    3) The cold continent Europe was under the heat wave.
    4) Some parts of deserts of Middle East were under the snow fall.
    5) Delhi was under smog
B) The views of NASA Scientist (Dr Murthy Gudipati) on solar energy says...
  • Why Solar Energy?: Though it is a fact that conventional fossil-fuel or coal or wood burning to generate energy also produce carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas that contributes to the increase in global temperature on Earth, Solar Energy is not only an answer to this problem, but it is also a part of futuristic view of “Sustainable and Renewable Energy”. Fossil fuel and coal are not renewable. Once their reservoirs on Earth are drilled and used away by people, we will be out of these resources. Nuclear fusion may provide a source of clean and sustainable energy without carbon dioxide emission. But it is still under scientific investigation and it may take decades or centuries before we have safer technologies that can use nuclear fusion to generate energy.
  • So future is for sustainable and renewable energy that is obtained through science and technology. Sustainable energy means generating energy from resources that are replenished as rapidly as they are used. For example, biodiesel, bioethanol fuel, and other fuel sources. Crops provide raw material for the fuel production. Carbon is recycled and energy is carbon neutral, hence sustainable. Renewable energy is energy that is generated from resources that are renewable, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. Solar energy is produced by photovoltaic process when sunlight falls on solar photovoltaic cells. Once a solar cell is produced through consumption of energy, it keeps on producing solar energy for 10s of years, best return of investment – almost like planting a tree that keeps on giving fruits.
  • Why Energy?: When electricity was invented, no one knew whether it would have any application. Today, we are addicted to energy, electricity being one form of energy. Even in the most remote parts of the world, some form of modern energy is utilized, whether in the form of radio and cell phone battery or lighting or mobility. Travel needs energy; house-hold cooking, fan, news, and communication also need energy. There are so many other aspects of our day-to-day life that cannot function without energy. Our healthcare system needs energy as well. So, we are addicted to energy. In fact, spending energy per capita was used as a measure for prosperity in the modern world. There is no go back to our addiction to energy. Because of this, we are burning more oil, natural gas, and coal, causing greenhouse effect resulting in global climate change with warmer temperatures
  • This also leads to change in seasons, rain, water circulation, floods, and raise of water level on coastal areas. So, only option we have is to produce and consume sustainable and renewable energy so that our villages, cities, and nature are not under water or polluted with coal and wood, and fossil fuel burning, and that our weather, environment, and climate are not drastically changing (which could lead to massive displacement of people).
  • Solar energy is one of the leading renewable energy sources. It stays with us as long as the Sun is shining. It is relatively clean once the solar panels are produced. It is very much possible that after a first batch of solar panels are produced by using conventional energy resources; subsequent production of solar photovoltaic panels can partly or fully run on solar energy.
  • It is important that future generations, that are present generation children and students, learn why it is important to work on sustainable and renewable energy, learn the science and technology behind solar energy such that they can build energy harvesting systems in their homes, villages, and towns, when they grow up.
The views expressed are mine and do not represent the views of any Institution or Individual that I am associated with... Murthy Gudipati
C) Excerpts of our dynamic and most practical Prime Minister at various occasions...
While answering to one student Visalini K from Tirunelveli, on 4th September 2015 during an interaction with school children on eve of Teacher's Day in New Delhi.
  • "Few people think in their minds, service to the country means, joining army, becoming politician or winning elections” ....this is not correct. Doing service also means, could be small small things! Like a small boy bringing down electricity bill of his home, from Rs 100 to 90, by switching of fans and lights when not in use. Avoid wastage of food by taking what we require and consume. Also by avoiding wastage of fuel consumption when the vehicle is idle. This waste of fuel not only affects the individual but also the nation."

With my (Srinivas SG) concerns the global issues like "Global warming", "Climate Change" and "Environmental pollution" with a question in my mind that how do we save our Mother Earth? the following things that we all need to think, answer and need to swing into action, better late than never!
  • There is a great truth “Energy saved is Energy produced”! How to save Electricity? What is the need to save electricity produced from fossil fuels? How we would be the real patriots of the nation and to save the only planet that we are taking shelter?
  • Why all these high temperatures throughout the year in India and many other countries? Because we are using electrical energy ruthlessly; as if there is no other choice, simply switching on air conditioners and consuming huge electrical energy.
  • Is it not foolish to deplete non-renewable rich sources of earth energy, when we have free, perpetual and green Sun energy source, in abundance?
  • What is the reason to fire fossils, when we have Sun energy in most sustainable way and cent percent assured?
  • What are the ways and means to mitigate “Energy Poverty" as even today also, 13% of world population is not accessible to electricity?
  • Millions of rural population health is severely affected due to smoke and fume emissions by ulterior fuels like fire wood and non-availability of pure electricity. How we are going to improve their quality of life by make them to switch on healthy fuels?
  • How we are going to provide better alternatives to electricity?
  • How to educate public that pollution can be effectively brought down by designing and installing a solar solution?
  • How to bring about action oriented awareness on climate change ill effects and lack of energy access to billions of population?
  • What are the various ways before us to introduce not only localized energy self-sufficiency but also it should be sustainable too?
  • Can't we think that why we need to transport fossils from farther countries by means of all sorts of transportation on land, water to feed power plants for generation and distribute electricity hundreds of kilometres from them? This chain itself is causing tons and tons of pollution, leads to "Global warming" and "Climate change". Has anyone at any time self-questioned that this act is detrimental to mother earth’s well-being?
  • What are the principle reasons of huge power losses during distribution as we have to pay from our pocket for these losses also, by way of high tariffs?
  • Is it required to bear huge power bills with high tariffs? How to educate public, it is very much possible that not only we can bring down or make power tariffs to nil, but also even earn money through net-metering by generating power on roof-tops by switching to Solar ?
Whatever may be the world class research and technologies and how much may be the huge funds spent by governments; if that technology is not going to be useful for the common man at gross root level, all those purpose of effort is going to be defeated!

We have to take a correct and corrective step instantly at this moment! We must put ourselves on course towards a sustainable future and realize our global goals to make this happen. It is high time to accelerate deeds for the sake of PEOPLE AND OFCOURSE TO OUR PLANET.

We were witnessed Green Revolution (High Agriculture production) in 1960s, White Revolution (Bumper Milk production … popularly known as Operation Flood) in 1970s. Now, it is high time to experience clean Energy Revolution … to save our only one planet … where we are all surviving; otherwise future generations would never excuse us. Already we are purchasing water at the rate of milk. Think seriously!! This is your future; if you wake up immediately now, at least in the coming few decades, you may stop fast deterioration of our planet and give her a chance for its self-rejuvenation. If not now, there is no future for living beings on this planet. Still we are facing, 1945s atom bomb effects, 1984s Bhopal gas leak affects. Where there is a will, there is a way is always available.

Today, energy science and technology brought us an abundance of such affordable solar photo voltaic modules. The sun’s abundant energy is present everywhere in the world. The sun provides free, clean and green energy, irrespective of geographical barriers on sunny days.

"Think & Thank Solar" (TTS). Solar energy is an affordable, reliable and sustainable way to power homes, businesses and schools. Thanks to lower costs and better technologies. We are very fortunate enough that in India, bright sunshine is available for almost 300 days in a year which is equal to 84% is a quite promising figure to rely upon!

So we need to update our energy needs and switch over to solar energy. Let us prove us patriotism as Solar Soldiers. Having these many advantages, what is the need to crawl for fossil fuels, when we can fly high with Solar?
Ultimately, SOLAR ENERGY is the best alternative and need of the hour for all of us in this crucial time !!
"SUN SHAKTI” - Students are Solar Soldiers
A Workshop initiated by Scientific Students Society
A student is a learner, innovator and creator. What if students in their early age could experience solar energy?

“Student Solar Soldier” workshop is designed to sensitize young minds and give hands on training to make their first solar device, a solar study lamp.

Right to Light, every child has a right to education. Yet, the conditions in which a child can study are generally neglected, especially in rural India. To help provide abundant clean energy access in rural India by developing a sustainable localised solar eco-system. What every child deserves is the right to clean light - that causes no harm, is renewable and affordable. A solar lamp in the hands of every school child will make an enormous difference in their education.

If students, in their early age, learn to make their own solar devices and use them, not only they will likely to be future user of solar energy but they will also promote the use of solar energy in future and students are likely to become Student Solar Ambassadors. With this in mind, and learn to assemble their own solar study lamps designed to help them in their study needs. At the end of the Workshop, students will take-home a solar study lamp made by themselves.

Localization The solar lamps are assembled locally, used by local people and serviced by the locals. By transferring technical skills and knowledge and training locals to use technology, they cease to become dependent on anyone.


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