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Srinivas is an accomplished engineer turned educator with a lofty goal of inspiring high school children in India and motivate them so that one of them can win a Nobel prize in science in our lifetime.

He was awarded the Best Teacher award from Educational Special Magazine and the Best Mentor in TANA Global Science Fair 2013 for supporting more than 1000 student groups from Various schools

As a tinkerer in childhood, he used to open up, observe and sometimes fix some of the electronic gadgets on his own in high school itself.

The habit of creating his own models and experiments continued through his engineering education at the University of Pune where he assisted 100 other student groups on their projects and worked for few electronics industries with all the experience gained.

Srinivas turned as entrepreneur and started a company called 'Power Sense' to research, design, and manufacture high quality power inverters in Hyderabad.

Apart from this he worked as an industrial consultant to a lot of companies in Andhra Pradesh and provided unique solutions to a variety of issues.

His broadening interest in electronic communications led to his move abroad at the turn of the century. However his long-term interest of educating younger generations brought him back to India from USA.

He observed that even though Indian students excel in International Maths and Physics Olympiads, their participation is minimal and not successful in international science fairs like Google or Intel global science fairs.

With the goals of increasing practical science skills and nurturing scientific thought process, he has travelled across Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Maharastra, Gujarat,Telangana, Pondechery and Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad,Mumbai,Pune to visit as many science fairs as possible. On You Tube, he shared more than 1500 videos that he captured in these visits. To pass on his knowledge, observations and to motivate students, he visited more than 500 schools to talk to nearly 3 lakhs students. He has supported 1000s of students over phone, email, and facebook over the last few years whenever they had any doubt while building a working model for a science fair.

To popularize the hands-on learning culture, he launched a variety of programs including, 'Young Achievers', 'Young Scientist Program', and 'Children Circuits Lab' that are offered directly in schools through out the academic year or as Summer camps in the holidays. He shares all the information at his disposal on a free website that has no advertisements and distractions for children at


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