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Srinivas is an accomplished engineer turned educator with a lofty goal of inspiring high school children in India and motivate them so that one of them can win a Nobel prize in science in our lifetime. He was awarded the Best Teacher award from Educational Special Magazine and the Best Mentor in TANA Global Science Fair 2013 for supporting more than 1000 student groups from schools across Andhra Pradesh.

As a tinkerer in childhood, he used to open up, observe and sometimes fix some of the electronic gadgets on his own in high school itself. The habit of creating his own models and experiments continued through his engineering education at the University of Pune where he assisted 100 other student groups on their projects. After graduation, Srinivas turned entrepreneur and started a company called 'Power Sense' to research, design, and manufacture high quality power inverters in Hyderabad. Apart from this he worked as an industrial consultant to a lot of companies in Andhra Pradesh and provided unique solutions to a variety of issues.

His broadening interest in electronic communications led to his move abroad at the turn of the century. However his long-term interest of educating younger generations brought him back to India from USA. He observed that even though Indian students excel in International Maths and Physics Olympiads, their participation is minimal and not successful in international science fairs like Google or Intel global science fairs.

With the goals of increasing practical science skills and nurturing scientific thought process, he has travelled across Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Gujarat to visit as many science fairs as possible. On You Tube, he shared more than 1500 videos that he captured in these visits. To pass on his knowledge, observations and to motivate students, he visited more than 500 schools to talk to nearly 3 lakhs students. He has supported 1000s of students over phone, email, and facebook over the last few years whenever they had any doubt while building a working model for a science fair.

To popularize the hands-on learning culture, he launched a variety of programs including, 'Young Achievers', 'Young Scientist Program', and 'Children Circuits Lab' that are offered directly in schools through out the academic year or as Summer camps in the holidays. He shares all the information at his disposal on a free website that has no advertisements and distractions for children at www.scientificstudents.com

His short term goal is to increase the participation level of Indian students in global science fairs with natural development of children over the years than the pressure cooker model used for getting IIT ranks. His hope is that a truly motivated student supported over the years by mentors from a variety of premier research institutions in India would eventually lead the development of a Nobel prize deserving scientist from India.

To bring the children and scientists closer he produced a video on the theme of "Energy – Explore, harness and Conserve" with the sponsorship of APCOST for the benefit of children participating in National Children Science Congress 2013. He visited a variety of research labs and sites where alternative energy schemes are implemented to interview scientists and capture current scientific models they are working on.

SBCA # SBCA215758, Direcway # 6I3007717, Microsoft MCSE, Cisco CCNA
Achievements : Record Holder in the university of pune for obtaining 100% Marks in the project work on the concept of “Receive world wide satellite T.V”. Includes design of Satellite receivers, Modulators, 4ft diameter fiber dish, RF power amplifiers, Radiating Antenna for broadcast of TV signals.
Education : B.E. (Electronics) University of Pune, India.

 Positions Held
Head – Trainings, R&D:
Total Responsibility of Training Division.
Organizing Technical Trainings for internal staff.
Procurement of new staff and train then for the required company fitness.
Providing on site trainings for corporate clients etc.
Conducting various tests.

Design Consultant:
Worked on the concept of Battery Bikes
Project Handling: Development of Hi Quality Intelligent Battery Chargers, Power Electronic Controller and Solar Based self charging scooter.

1. Development of End clients.
2. Opening up new business accounts.
3. Conducting/Organizing Training Programs for all newly joined staff members.

Sr Manager-International Projects:
Business Development in DTH over at USA
Business process development
Setting up Call center for sales and service support.
Training resources into sales and customer care operations.

Business Administrator:
Responsible for setting up business strategies, Methodologies for DTH operations.
Responsible for supervising, Planning, Scheduling and coordinating resources.
Development of DTH business process and co-coordinating our off-shore development center at Hyderabad for the development of online business.
In charge for educating, training of sales and service personals.
Responsible for developing high quality material, checklist of steps to understand learners with smart tips.
Involved in knowledge management and contributed to the improvement of installation practices of DTH Satellite Dish Installers.
Organizing feed backs to DTH satellite companies.
Organizing scheduled installations through various installation companies.
Installed direcway (Ku-band 2-way internet via satellites).
Creation of techniques for evaluation training programs and analyze the evolution results statically.

Network Instructor:
Training students in VSAT networks
Teaching network concepts.
Conducting labs for students of cisco networking certifications.
Training for enterprise technicians on Windows 2000 Server, ISA 2000 Server, McAfee Security ePolicy and more.
Trainings of Migration from Windows NT 4.0 based server environment to Windows 2000 domain environment.
Application migrations from Netware to Windows 2000 servers.
Workstation Migration to Windows XP and Windows 2000 domain environment.
Enterprise roll out of new Windows 2000 based applications.
Implementation of Software Update Services, McAfee ePolicy , and ISA 2000 Server.
Created new Networking Operations Manual for the new Windows 2000 environment.
Designed and implemented a backup strategy and disaster recovery plan for the new Windows 2000 Server environment.

Cable/Satellite Network Consultant:
Setting up satellite dish antennas, Tracking, peaking.
Setting up control room for cable operators.
Setting up modulators, wide band amplifiers.
Trainings to cable technicians.
Design of RF amplifiers and power pass amplifiers.
Working on optical fibers.
Improvement of lossless RF signal transmissions in cables.
Design of cable networks for better signal balance in all bands.

Sr. Network Engineer-Gateways / VSATs:
Responsible for training fresh and newly joined network engineers.
Setting up countrywide ISP with International gateways (8 sites) & Satellite VSAT links (14 sites).
Tested & installed C-Band VSAT Antennas, Transceivers, Satellite modems & fixing LNA/LNB.
Conducted cross pole tests by coordination with NOC (network operation centers).
Coordinated with backbone service providers for routing Internet to POP after setting up transceiver carriers.
Configured California Microwave-EF Data- SDM300A Satellite Modems and CST-5000 C-band Satellite Terminal, Star Guide Digital Networks-Star Guide II Satellite Receiver, Harmonic Data Systems-DVB Enterprise1 Broadband Router.
Configured Cisco 25xx, 36xx series Routers.
Configured RAS Servers of Lucent-PM3, Ericsson and 3COM/US Robotics with PRI, E1R2, DEL lines.
Installing RAD-ASM31, Ascom-AM128A Base Band Modems for leased lines from PSTN companies.
Installations of Breeze COM * Breeze NET PRO.11 wire less LAN.
Installations of Aironet, BR100/500 Radio links with Bridge type plate antenna.
Installation and configuration of ISDN Devices.
Maintenance of Machine Service Logs.
Installations of APC, HITA, TATA-Liebert Online UPS systems and maintain and monitoring UPS power for the above equipments through SNMP.
Installations of APC IP-Based Master Switch for control of power port wise.

 Some More projects
Project 1: Design and Implementation of Horizontally distributed LAN to cater internet needs over a 20 KM Radius wired network and setting up Radio links from ISP to Prisam ( Local ISP) using Erricson Radio Modems and Multicom Routers, Setting up Proxy server and redistributing the internet to around 500 users along with security options.

Project 2: Intranet and Internet on Intranet

Design and Implementation of Backbone for intranet includes OFC, Trans-receivers, Hubs, Switches, Servers and configuring Department wise Networks (LAN). Setting up Internet from VSNL to this Intranet includes Modems, Routers, and servers. UPS Systems.

Project 3: Multiple output SMPS Power supplies

Design and Development of Multiple power out put based power supplies from a single power source to cater their Cellular Networks. Providing remote feed back signal for network monitoring.

Project 4: Solar / SMPS Power Supplies

Development and Testing of Solar / SMPS power supply systems for rural telephony and wireless communication needs.

Project 5: Power Supply for Signal Jammers for Defence / Miltary Applications

Development and Testing of 48VDC / 180Amps power supply to energe signal Jammers for Defence / Miltary Applications by useing of Delo Remi, TVS-Lucas Alternators extra fitments into vehicles and then charging additional Batteries.

Project 6: Modification of electrical power system

Design and installing 24V DC- 220VAC Inverters for Buses

Project 7: Process Instrumentation and Automation

Design and implemented Process monitoring Network Based System of 150 kinds of Branded Products.

Project 8: 2300MW Thermal Power Project

Design and implementation of Power Totalizer and system Integrations

Project 9: 2300MW Thermal Power Project

Re-designing, Repair and servicing of English Electric, London Make Control panels and synchronizers

Project 10: 6MW Captive Power Plant.

Design, Fabrication and Installation of AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for Stamford, London Make 6MW Alternator

In addition to my work history I also work as voluntary technical consultant for Sri Sathya Sai Dhyanamandali. My Voluntary responsibilities are maintenance website: www.srisathyasaidhyanamandali.org
"Your class is very interesting you have changed my thoughts and views in good member you have given a good massage to every Children."
10th Class, MGM School, Hyderabad
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"I think if I will attempt all the points if which you have explained I will be the state Rank this you. I have very very much inspired if the screens which you have showed"
10th Class, MGYV, Bhimavaram
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"Your class was really effective, I am really thankful to you as I learnt many facts you provided us the things that we are locking at present"
M. Manisha
10th Class, Roots, Tanuku
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